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Supramolecular amplification of amyloid self-assembly by iodination

Posted in 2015 on Thursday, 06 August.

Supramolecular amplification of amyloid self-assembly by iodination

Arianna Bertolani1, Lisa Pirrie1,2, Loic Stefan1, Nikolay Houbenov3, Johannes S. Haataja3, Luca Catalano1,Giancarlo Terraneo1, Gabriele Giancane4, Ludovico Valli4, Roberto Milani2, Olli Ikkala3, Giuseppe Resnati1 & PierangeloMetrangolo1,2

1Laboratory of Nanostructured Fluorinated Materials (NFMLab), Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering ‘Giulio Natta’, Politecnico di Milano, Via Mancinelli 7, Milano I-20131, Italy.
2VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland, PO Box 1000, Espoo FI-02044, Finland.
3Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, PO Box 15100, Espoo FI-02150, Finland.
4Dipartimento Beni Culturali, Universita' del Salento, Lecce I-73100, Italy.

Nature Communications 6, Article number:7574, doi:10.1038/ncomms8574

Received 05 March 2015; Accepted 19 May 2015; Published 30 June 2015



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